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GRMG Student completes internships in Sichuan and Bali to learn environmental protection and sustainability

22 Dec, 2023

Having strong connections with organisations and companies in the industry, the Division of Applied Science has explored various internship positions that cover cultural heritage preservation, scientific research and technology, and ecological conservation aiming to benefit students from learning in classrooms to exploring different global issues.

Hui Ying Ying, Year-2 student from the Geography and Resources Management programme participated in two internships to Sichuan and Bali earlier had gained lots of insights on cultural exchange and sustainability. She was one of the 18 students admitted to the Youth Internship Programme organised by Hong Kong Ocean Park & Youth Development Commission at the Wolong National Nature Reserve in Sichuan (四川臥龍國家級自然保護區青年實習項目).

Serving as the Education Ambassador of the Giant Panda National Park, Ying Ying had the chance to clean the pandas' living areas and acted as an ambassador to guide visitors from all over the world. These work opportunities were unique and interesting because students could seldom serve giant pandas so closely. With a keen interest in sustainable development, she recognised the importance of achieving a balance between the environment, economy, and society.

Ying Ying joined another internship - Serve-cation in Bali (「義」遊同行) organised by HKBU Leadership Qualities Centre. During her trip to Bali, she participated in various experiential activities, such as cleaning the beach, planting mangroves, visiting a biodiesel production factory, learning the local craft of Batik, and exploring the local instrument Gamelan. Participating in the beach cleaning activity has heightened her awareness of environmental issues and the far-reaching consequences of pollution on the global ecosystem.

“The internship to Sichuan not only deepened my understanding of panda conservation efforts but has also shed light on the impact of tourism development on the surrounding environment and local community. In Bali, I felt disheartening when seeing the substantial amount of waste, particularly plastic, that had accumulated on the beaches. It was appalled to see plastic bags entangled with seaweed, as marine animals should not have to make their homes amidst such pollution caused by harmful consequences of human-generated waste on the ocean and its inhabitants”, said Ying Ying.

Dr. Karen Woo, Division Leader of Applied Science said that students were interested in joining internship programmes not only because they could gain practical work knowledge and skills related to their Concentration Studies, but also learn more about communication and leadership skills, which could guide them on different assignments and eventually to becoming a better world citizen.