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SDC organises Leadership Camp to unleash students’ potential in leadership

22 Jan, 2024

The SDC Student Leaders’ Teams, comprising Student Ambassadors (SA), Fitness Ambassadors (FA), Well Living Plus Ambassadors, Cultural Facilitators, and SDC Editorial Team, are dynamic groups committed to fostering whole-person development and personal growth in the CIE community. These proactive and passionate student leaders were selected through applications and interviews to embark on a journey towards career success.

The SDC Leadership Training Camp was held successfully in January 2024. Co-organised with the Hong Kong Playground Association, the training camp aimed to provide a platform for the 26 student leaders who participated in the camp to integrate their collective experiences from activities, enabling them to strengthen their confidence, explore their potential, and enhance their social skills. Through adventure-based activities, students learned to build resilience through overcoming challenges, showing empathy for peers who may be struggling, making decisions, and accepting responsibility for success and failure.

Armed with newfound skills and experiences, these exceptional student leaders are poised to represent CIE and contribute to upcoming events. Their dedication will translate into over 100 hours of service, encompassing information days, career expos, outreach activities, Wellness Week, New Student Orientation, and more. Their involvement will not only promote healthy living mind within the college community but also cultivate positive individual traits among themselves, inspiring them to unleash their potentials and fly high in different prospects.