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BCom in Marketing students visit Singapore to experience social innovation initiatives

06 Mar, 2024

Twenty-one students from BCom (Hons) in Marketing embarked on a transformative 5-day field trip to Singapore in January, seeking to explore the positive impact marketing can have on society and witness the magic of social innovation firsthand.

The students had the opportunity to engage with eight amazing social enterprises in Singapore including Social Collider, Green Nudge, Project Dignity Singapore and Push Pull Give. These enterprises are professional in tackling pressing social issues, ranging from inclusion and education to the aging population and sustainability. Through the collaborative guest sharing, interactive workshops, discussions, and networking sessions, the students were impressed by how innovative marketing strategies could be employed to address the social challenges head-on.

Inspired by their eye-opening field trip, the students decided to share their learnings with their peers. They organised the "Innovate for Impact" festival. Through fun game booths, they raised the awareness about social issues on campus, an initiative to demonstrate that marketing is not solely about selling products, but also a platform for leveraging creativity and passion to create a better world.