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Division of Business organises the 14th B-DARE Business Simulation Competition

15 Apr, 2024

The B-DARE Business Simulation Competition is one of the signature events of the Division of Business which aims to give students an opportunity to apply what they have learned in classroom to real-life scenarios. This year, the Division had great honour to have invited Subway as the partnering organisation. Students were required to design business and marketing strategies for the American brand Subway to boost their business in the Hong Kong market.

The judges of the final competition were Mr. Jamie LeBrun, Chief Executive Officer of Subway Hong Kong and Macau, and Ms. Agnes Leung, Director of Hong Kong China Development Holdings Ltd. In addition to short videos, the three finalist teams also used animations, slogans, and food tasting of their self-developed new products to present their new ideas and solutions at the final.

After a round of fierce competitions, the team “Sandwich Forever God” won the championship with its new creation of Satay Beef Sandwich and Typhoon Shelter Seasoning (seafood source) submarine. The idea matched well with the localisation direction of the company. The team targeted to turn this new product into a signature sandwich of Hong Kong.

Mr. LeBrun appreciated the students’ creativity and feasibility of their ideas. He suggested students to focus more on the material-sourcing aspect when planning business strategies, while Ms. Leung reminded students to be more prudent on the cost incurred when designing their marketing plans.

Huang Guanzhe, Jonny, leader of the Champion team said, “Over the four months of dedicated teamwork, we not only experienced the invaluable benefits of collaboration but also acquired diverse skills beyond our academic majors. This enriching experience has broadened our talents, fostered a more well-rounded approach to learning, and motivated us to diversify our skills in doing a business. Even when faced with challenges in filming and production, we shared responsibilities within our team, and our lecturers have given us guidelines and great support. This experience has taught us the importance of effective communication, problem-solving, and adaptability in real-world scenarios.”