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HKBU CIE wins Poster Prize at Global Education Conference

04 Aug, 2014
The College of International Education team wins the runner-up poster prize.

CHTL (Centre for Holistic Teaching and Learning) of Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) had cohosted with HERDSA (Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia) the 2014 HERDSA Conference on July 7-10 at HKBU. Two teams formed by HKBU staff and students from the university and CIE have won the best poster prize and the runner-up poster prize at the Conference.


The theme of the Conference this year was “Higher Education in a Globalized World, 350 delegates from 18 countries and regions have participated. The poster presentation was authored by Dr. Sam Lau, Dr. Vicky Lee, Ms. Helia Hai, Dr. Lorraine Yeung and Dr. Karen Woo and designed by Mr. Wong Wing Hong and Ms. Iris Chan. The CIE poster presentation had won the runner-up for the Best Poster Prize out of 53 entries. The Conference had served as a platform to engage members of global educational communities as they explored ways to help students in the 21st Century globalized society.


The awarded poster is entitled “Educating the New Tech-Driven Generation: A Case Study in Hong Kong”, which is based on how CIE has facilitated development of the Generation Z in three core areas: intellectual and communication skills, social and personal responsibility, connectivity with knowledge of human society and the natural world.


The best poster entitled “Assessing Cross-cultural Competence in Co-curricular Programmes: A Case Study of Using e-Portfolio and Institutional Rubrics”, was presented by students and two staff members from the Centre for Holistic Teaching and Learning (CHTL from HKBU. The study discussed how e-Portfolio and institutional rubrics can serve as tools to collect evidence on student learning upon completion of year-long exchange or leadership co-curricular programmes.

The awarded poster is entitled “Educating the New Tech-Driven Generation: A Case Study in Hong Kong”