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Sony Hong Kong and The Right Side representatives share creative insights at CIE

29 Dec, 2014

To let students have a better understanding of Integrated Marketing Communication, the Division of Communication has invited Ms. Simois Ng, Head of Marketing Communications of Sony Corporation of Hong Kong Limited and Ms. Miranda Shing, Creative Partner of The Right Side Company, to speak on the topic. The seminar was well attended by 250 students.


During the seminar, Ms. Simois Ng and Ms. Miranda Shing shared their experiences from idea creation to the actual promotion launching by using the latest camera campaigns from Sony as an example. Ms. Ng pointed out the importance of engaging participation of the target market. “Through viral marketing, the consumers will be engaged in the promotion activities. Customers are invited to share their stories with the others so as to make the promotion more cost-effective.” Ms. Shing echoed this concept by sharing their latest viral marketing campaign. Sony invited key opinion leaders (KOLs) to share their opinions in their integrated campaigns (ATL and social media) so as to inspire followers of KOLs via the viral effects.


Apart from the creative execution, the two speakers also addressed four primary elements in marketing communication, which are Dreams, Conscience, Respect and Teamwork. “Dreams” was specially emphasized. The speakers encouraged the students to stay open to develop new creative ideas. They believe that when students dedicated themselves to the creation process, they eventually win the applauses from the target market.