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Harvesting in the CIE Organic Farm

21 Jan, 2015

This semester, 15 Associate Degree students from the Environmental Conservation Studies Club enrolled to participate in the preliminary trial for establishing a long term organic farm at CIE.  Students were invited to grow their own assortment of vegetables, fruits and herbs, and were responsible for the maintenance and sustenance of their own plots whilst supervised by lecturer and staff of the Division of Applied Science. 

Students are responsible for regular watering, clearing weeds, and manually handpicking to remove all pests that threatened to eat their crops. The farm aimed to grow organically, no pesticides or chemical fertilizers were used, since adding chemicals that enter the environment, and ultimately on our dinner plates in one form or another was not necessary. Using a very simple setup, and a little care and patience, carrots, pak choi, tomatoes and a range of other edible plants have been grown, and some have been harvested already.

“In light of the growing problems of pollution in our waters, global decline in food availability and affordability, and lack of agricultural land, establishing urban organic farms is an important step towards sustainability and greenery to offset the impacts of urbanization. In major cities, it has really taken off in all shapes and forms, and we encourage more people to take on this simple hobby that can be aesthetically pleasing, and thus not only healthy for body, but mind as well! Reaping what you sow is enjoyable!” said Dr. Stephen Cartwright, lecturer of Division of Applied Science.