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HKBU CIE organises Academic and Cultural Exchange Tour to Macau

27 Feb, 2015

To enhance student’s understanding of the latest development of tourism education in Macau and enable them to learn different cultures from a more comprehensive perspective, the Tourism & Hospitality Management Club of CIE organised an academic and cultural exchange tour to Macau during the term break in January.


Students visited the Institute for Tourism Studies (IFT) of Macau for an academic and cultural exchange with the local students who were also enthusiastic to study and pursue a career in the tourism industry.


The group also had the chance to tour around the famous scenic spots in Macau such as Ruins of St. Paul, the Mandarin's House, A-Ma Temple in the two-day trip. Miss Kammy Lau, Associate Degree year-2 student studying Tourism and Hospitality Management who was assigned to be one of tour guides said that she appreciated the opportunity to play the role of the tour guide for the fellow students as it could enrich her knowledge about the Macau’s history and culture. It also offered her a chance to practise her presentation skills which was an important quality for her career in the tourism industry in the future.