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CIE organises International Fest 2015 to foster cross cultural exchange on campus

27 Nov, 2015

To foster an appreciation and understanding of cultural diversity on campus, CIE organised its first “International Fest” on 14 November 2015, a kick-off event for the newly established “CIE International Club”. 

During the event, Dr. Sam Lau, Director of CIE said: “The college has been dedicated in promoting cross-cultural awareness, aiming to bring global perspective to our local students on campus. I do hope that students can take this chance to open up their minds, make more friends from different countries and learn how to respect cultural diversity through participation in various activities.” Dr. Lau then shared his life-changing experience of studying abroad and took the opportunity to express his gratitude to the teaching and administration staff who helped organise overseas exchange tours for CIE students. He also thanked respective parties on their effort to promote internationalisation during the event.

The event was followed by sharing sessions given by students and lecturers on what they learned while teaching or studying abroad in Bhutan, Germany, Japan and Scotland. In between sharing sessions, a Jeopardy quiz was held which drew students’ attention to global issues in a fun way.

Dr. Lucas Scripter, Chairman of the CIE Campus Internationalisation Committee, was impressed by the keen participation of students in the event. In the coming months, the Campus Internationalisation Committee in collaboration with the CIE International Club will organise a series of activities including foreign language enrichment courses and a cultural exchange event with American students. All students are welcome to join.