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Student Focus Groups strengthen communication between the College and students

10 Dec, 2015

The college has placed much emphasis on the quality of students’ campus life and learning experience. Throughout the years more channels have been established to ensure that students would be able to share their views. To further strengthen the two-way communication between the College and students, 3 sessions of Student Focus Group were conducted this semester during 3 - 4 November 2015.

During the sessions, 30 Associate Degree students from different Concentration Studies were invited to share their experience with their peers and the management. The participation in internship, mentorship programme and service in student society of year 2 students has inspired our freshmen and they know what to expect on their campus life in the coming semesters.  

The sharing sessions also served as a channel for students to express their views and suggestions about teaching and learning matters as well as campus facilities under a relaxing atmosphere. Dr. Sam Lau, Director of CIE attended the three sessions to listen and respond to students’ concerns such as language barrier, assignment workload and campus facilities.

After listening to the students’ sharing, Dr. Lau made some recommendations to the students on how to overcome challenges in learning, and also encouraged the students to proactively participate in school activities for personal growth and preparation for future career. 

While giving suggestions to the students, the College will also forward students’ opinions to relevant parties for follow-up with a view to enhance the learning environment for every student in the future.