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CIE jointly organises seminar on Tree Management in Hong Kong with Tree Management Office, Development Bureau and The Conservancy Association

02 Feb, 2016

HKBU CIE organised a seminar on tree management in Hong Kong last month. Guest speakers including Dr. Lawrence Chau, Head of Tree Management Office (Greening, Landscape and Tree Management Section), Development Bureau, and Mr. Ken So, Chief Executive of The Conservancy Association were invited to give a talk to CIE Tree Management students.

Dr. Chau first gave an overview on the recent urban development in Hong Kong. Trees were essential to the city as they provided a lot of environmental benefits, such as giving cooling effect to the urban area, purifying the air and beautifying the vicinity. The Tree Management Office has played an important role in tree conservation and promoting greening plans in spite of various constraints. The office will continue its efforts to raise the standard of local practitioners in the arboriculture field.

In sharing the role of The Conservancy Association, Mr. So said that the association mainly focused on monitoring the standard of tree care practices in Hong Kong and was proactive in providing constructive opinions on related matters to the government. They also act as a channel to reflect the public views. Towards the end of the talk, the two speakers made use of a case study to explain the current tree management situation in Hong Kong. All students have broadened their knowledge about the latest development of tree management in Hong Kong. Participants were impressed by the sharing of the two professionals and found the talk inspiring.