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CIE Environmental Conservation Studies students organise Biodiversity Fun Day

22 Feb, 2016

When the weather is unfavorable for a field excursion, it provides an opportune moment to bring the fun indoors. Recently, students from the Concentration Studies of Environmental and Conservation Studies (ENCS) hosted a Biodiversity Fun Day for over 40 secondary school students and subject teachers. 

As part of the college’s community outreach programme, students of ENCS and Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) in Environmental and Resources Management from different cohorts prepared for a round-robin exercise to entertain and educate the participants on 5 key topics, including Subtidal species, Intertidal species, Amphibia and Arachnids, Wetland birds and the life of a student studying in the ENCS programme. Apart from a wide range of skeletal samples and specimens, students brought in live specimens of toads, tarantulas and newts, alongside some marine snails and crabs collected from the field to aid their group discussion. Students also shared their own experiences to engage with young participants, demonstrated their developing expertise in this field and highlighted facts about the critters which we often overlook. 

Mr. Alex Ng Cheuk Lun, alumnus of ENCS was invited to the Fun Day to deliver the opening talk about Arachnids which clearly drew the attention and interest of the audience with a lot of questions. All participants had an enjoyable experience with the fun exercise, where they were able to know more about biodiversity of species, their adaptations and features.