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World renowned UK scientist visits CIE to share insights on global wetland conservation and management

24 Feb, 2016

CIE is honoured to have invited Mr. Rob McInnes, who is the Director of RM Wetlands & Environment Limited and serves on the Ramsar Convention’s Scientific and Technical Review Panel as the representative of the Society of Wetland Scientists, to be the guest speaker for a seminar on “An International Perspective on Wetland Restoration and Conservation”. Over 50 students studying ENCS, GRMG and TRMG Concentration Studies attended the seminar and gained insights on global wetland conservation and management.

Mr. Rob McInnes not only introduced different types of wetlands and their importance to human society but also shared his invaluable experience in wetland restoration and conservation. In particular, he was concerned that wetland ecosystems are consistently undervalued in conventional economic analyses and decision-making. It is thus important to protect the natural wetlands in the first place rather than mitigation and compensation.

At the end, Mr. Rob McInnes encouraged our students to study more about wetlands and get involved in the wetland research and management field so as to ensure conservation and sustainable use of natural resources.