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CIE Business students organise "Ethical Consumption Experiment Lab" at Hong Kong Broadband Network

30 Mar, 2016

12 students from the CIE Business Division hosted an “Ethical Consumption Experiment Lab” at the office of Hong Kong Broadband Network (HKBN) to promote the social mission behind ethical consumption products and services among the staff of HKBN.   

Ms. Erica Lee, Lecturer of CIE Business Division said: “The experiment lab, which comprised on workshop and games, was truly a valuable experience for all the students. They have learnt how to organise an event, collaborate with external parties and give presentation. In this connection, students were able to apply the knowledge that they have learnt in class to a real life situation.”

WONG Wai Nam, Leo (Business Administration Concentration Studies, Year 2) expressed that the event was very meaningful because he had the opportunity to explore some creative ideas and interactive design in the process of preparing for the presentation.

WONG Yin Pok (Business Administration Concentration Studies, Year 2) said that he gained invaluable insight into the complexity of supply chain during the preparation. Through promoting the concept, he understood the importance of setting ethical standards so that fair trading practices and satisfactory production standards can be ensured.