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2nd Youth Environmental Leaders Training Programme is successfully completed

12 May, 2016

With the theme entitled “Building a Sustainable City – Exploring for a Better Balance between Human and Nature”, the second Youth Environmental Leaders Training Programme organised by the College of International Education (CIE) aimed to raise secondary school students’ awareness and understanding of sustainability issues, with particular focus on new town development and flood protection in Hong Kong. Through a series of preparation workshops, seminars and field trips, more than 60 secondary school students from 10 schools were equipped with better knowledge on the challenges and opportunities facing Hong Kong on sustainable development.

In a seminar in January 2016, CIE specially invited Mr. Federick Kan, Assistant Director/Operations & Maintenance Branch of Drainage Services Department, HKSAR Government; Dr. Luk-ki Cheng, Division Head of Scientific Research & Conservation of Green Power, and Mr. Henry Leung, the past Chairman of Hong Kong Institute of Environmental Impact Assessment; to share their inspirational insights on the sustainability issues and solutions from the perspectives of the government, green group and professional body.

Representatives from Drainage Services Department and the conservation experts from Green Power also provided invaluable and professional support in organising field trips at Lam Tsuen River and Tung Chung River respectively. Together with the CIE Associate Degree students and lecturers from Environmental and Conservation Studies, the participants were not only able to encounter some interesting stream organisms in the wild, but also understand the importance of stream conservation and environmentally friendly designs in flood prevention.

“Sustainability issues in our society can be complicated. Through the experiential learning in the field and the discussions during workshops, apart from understanding the challenges, our participants should find out that the needs to explore sustainable solutions are also of vital importance,” said Dr Alan Leung, Lecturer of Division of Applied Science.