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CIE organises Professional Tree Management Seminar

18 May, 2016

The Division of Science of CIE organised a seminar on Professional Tree Management at which experts including Mr. Jacob Lo, Environmental Engineer (Arborist Specialization) of MTR Corporation Limited, Mr. Chicky Wong, President of International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), Hong Kong Chapter and Mr. Anthony D. Pickering, Lecturer in Tree Management of CIE were invited to share their insightful experience.

Mr. Jacob Lo first spoke about his role at MTR and explained how arboriculture works are contracted through major development organizations to specialized arboriculture companies. He showed how MTR successfully transplanted large mature trees from development sites and explained the protection measures which they had carried out to the trees.

Mr. Chicky Wong delivered a presentation on the benefits of planting trees in the urban area. He further went on to discuss the role of ISA both locally and globally and what the members of the organisation received in the way of publications, access to workshops, seminars and networking.    

Mr. Anthony D. Pickering provided a demonstration on the use of the Picus Tomograph. This is a device that can detect cavities and decay in standing trees by measuring the speed of the sounds created by using it as they pass through the tree. The damage found in trees with defects usually include rot, cavities and fractures. These defects can reduce the elasticity and density of wood which will pose a threat to the people living nearby. Using it as an additional tool to aid visual tree assessment can enhance the accuracy of the assessment result, which is very important to tree management work.