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ENCS students visit Ocean Park for Career Talk

21 Jun, 2016

As part of the CIE Professional Training Programme, 26 students of the Environmental Conservation Studies visited Ocean Park for a career talk in May. Students were also given the opportunity to take a glimpse at the actions behind the scene.

Conducted by the Education Department of the Ocean Park, the talk covered topics such as work culture, future expansion and developments, as well as job opportunities. Students were told that the acronym “A.S.K.”, which stands for “Attitude, Skills and Knowledge”, is important if they wish to pursue a career with Ocean Park.

Students also visited the backstage of the Grand Aquarium, such as coral maintenance room and food preparation room. Through talking with the front-line keepers, students gained an understanding of problems encountered at work, and also how interpersonal communication skills and general common sense are sometimes even more useful than specialised scientific knowledge, especially when the issue involves public engagement.

Students enjoyed the visit very much as it brought to them new perspectives to future development and new ideas about equipping themselves for future career goals.