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Geography and Resources Management students successfully complete the Geographic Information System professional training workshop

28 Jun, 2016

The Geographic Information System (GIS) is a system which helps us to visualise, analyse, and interpret data, so as to understand what is happening and what will happen within a geographical location. Conducted by the Esri China Hong Kong Limited, the pioneer in GIS technology, the workshop enabled students from Geography and Resources Management (GRMG) to understand the basic functions of a GIS, and explore the practical use of GIS maps and databases using real world examples.

During the GIS professional training workshop, students learned how to use ArcGIS, including visualizing geographic data, creating maps, querying GIS database, performing spatial analysis using common analysis tools, and solving geographic problems using systematic approaches. The students were impressed by the ArcGIS software’s easy-to-use approach and its wide applications in environmental assessment, monitoring and management of natural resources, as well as improving the informed decision making in the real world.