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Rooftop Farming Project 2015-16 by CIE Green Ambassadors

08 Jul, 2016

Urban agriculture encourages consumption of local produce, which minimises carbon footprints and promotes sustainable living and makes our lives and environment healthier. To put theories into practice, CIE Green Ambassadors (GA) set their yearly theme on “Sustainable Agriculture and Living” which includes conducting a year-long Rooftop Farming Project, organising a seminar on sustainable agriculture, introducing their produce in the first Farmer’s Market and engaging the secondary school community by organising the Rooftop Open Farm Day in this academic year.

Trained by Mr. Yip Tsz Lam, Senior Sustainable Agriculture Officer of Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden (KFBG), GA grew edible plants organically in the organic farm entitled “Green Haven” on the rooftop of Shek Mun Campus.

After the harvest, GA jointly organised their first Farmer’s market with KFBG, City Farm, Shatin’s Women Association’s Green Home Garden, Trash2Treasure Association and local organic farms at which CIE staff and students had a close encounter with the local farmers and to learn more about organic farming.

To promote the multiple benefits of urban agriculture to our community, GA organised the HKBU CIE Rooftop Open Farm Day with the participation of about 40 secondary school teachers and students. Ms. Stella Chong, Senior Sustainable Living Officer of KFBG was invited to give a talk on sustainable food production and living. GA gained hands-on experience in planning and delivering guided tour to the “Green Haven” to share their learning experience in rooftop farming and conducted DIY workshops on making eco-enzyme.

Dr. Karen Woo, Advisor of GA, said that this year-long project required much hard work and endurance from students. However, this valuable learning experience has helped our students raise the awareness of sustainable living and build up a stronger sense of responsibility, green citizenship and teamwork.

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