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CIE organises Food Testing Training Workshop

26 Jul, 2016

Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GCMS) is an instrumental technique by which the volatile and thermally stable substitutes in a sample can be separated, identified and quantified, so as to help the public avoid excessive exposure to chemicals and pesticide residues from food. To equip students with the latest instrument and technology which are widely used in the testing and certification industry, Division of Applied Science organised a training workshop in June for students from Life Science, Nutrition and Food Management, as well as Food Safety and Environmental Health to gain some practical experience of the field.

During the training workshop, Ms. Patty Yeung, Assistant Manager of Food and Pharmaceutical Division of CMA Testing and Certification Laboratories was invited to share her experience and views of future development of food testing and certification with students. Ms. Yeung believed that this industry has been taking a significant role in continuous testing and monitoring to meet the growing expectations for better food safety standards.

Apart from learning how to analyse the plasticizers in food sample by using GCMS and its operation system, CIE students also acquired new knowledge on International standards of food safety which will be beneficial to their career development in future.