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Professional Tree Management Training in Singapore

03 Aug, 2016

CIE Tree Management students travelled to Singapore to undergo professional training hosted by the National Parks of Singapore. They met a number of distinguished and prestigious staff who shared their invaluable experience and knowledge on tree management. Singapore, which is one of the greenest cities in the world, is often known as The Garden City after spend more than 50 years on tree management. The students benefited from this professional training by being able to apply their practical knowledge learnt during their studies at CIE, which prepared them for further studies and future careers.

During the training, a number of items were explored, including management and maintenance of the historic trees of Singapore (similar to the Old and Valuable trees in Hong Kong), the collection of rare tropical trees of the Singapore Botanical Gardens (including the Tembusu tree shown on the Singapore five dollar notes), integrating green tree corridors for bio diversity through the City, and the challenges of planting and maintaining road side trees.

The students were also extremely grateful to the Singapore Arboriculture Society. Members of the society met them and passed on their professionalism concerning on tree management, and explained how they transplanted 7 mature trees in front of the Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall at Singapore.