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Self-funded Undergraduate Programmes

Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Marketing
市場學商學士 (榮譽) 學位課程

Major Core Courses (15 units)

BCom Marketing Project [BMKT4005] (3 units)
MKTG3027 Business and Marketing Research Methods
This course provides a focus for the application of both local and international marketing knowledge, qualitative and quantitative marketing research skills acquired from the programme. The project provides an opportunity for students to apply the knowledge and skills to a marketing problem, and to prepare themselves for the transfer from the academic to the work situation. The project should be undertaken on team basis, with one to three students forming a project team.

Business Communications for Marketing [BUSI3036] (3 units)
GECR2102 Thought and Writing II or equivalent
This course aims at further enhancing students' essential business communication skills and techniques in coping with contemporary business needs. To groom marketing students with core business communication skills and competencies, the followings will be emphasized: (1) critically read, comprehend, analyze and discuss business cases and documents of various kinds (e.g., sales proposal, persuasive and negative business messages) to further heighten students' busienss sense and acumen and sharpen students' audience-sensitive writing skills; (2) proficiently deliver eloquent and business-like Elevator Pitch to present sound and feasible business ideas in an assertive and effective manner.

Strategic Management [BUSI4026] (3 units)
BHRM2045 Organisational Behaviour, ACCT 3005 Cost and Management Accounting I, MKTG2005 Marketing Management or ECON 1017 Principles of Macroeconomics
This course aims to prepare the student for a successful business career with a broad understanding of the importance and complexity of strategic decisions and the way they integrate other aspects of business operations. It examines the rationale of decisions that determine the future direction and effectiveness of organisations. The perspective taken is that of the general manager—the owner, CEO, president, or management consultant. It focuses on the skills required of the general manager in diagnosing and finding solutions for critical problems in complex business situations and implementing them. In that regard, it integrates the knowledge gained in previous functional courses from Year I and Year II.

Financial Management for Marketing Professionals [FINE2015] (3 units)
ACCT1007 Introduction to Financial Accounting or ACCT2015 Introduction to Management Accounting or Equivalent
Very often, companies assign a group by product line or geographical basis. The group is responsible for all aspects of business, including marketing, vital to bring in revenue, and finance, essential for company to operate and reward its stakeholders. This course enables students to (1) understand the fundamental concepts in finance; (2) assess alternative investment possibilities, including real investment in the context of various disciplines of business, including marketing; and (3) evaluate different sources of financing projects. On completion of this course, students should have a good understanding how to choose among the variety of investment and financing possibilities that are available in the market and how these decisions are related to other non-finance areas, including marketing.

Legal Aspects of Marketing [LLAW2006] (3 units)
GCLA1009 University English II or equivalent
This course introduces to students the principles of Hong Kong legal system and the common law, and how the various branches of Hong Kong law are evolved and integrated over time. Special emphasis is placed on laws relating to marketing including the Law of Contract, Competition Law, Consumer Protection Law and Compliance Management.

Major Required Courses (21 units)

Marketing Research Methods [BMKT3005] (3 units)
This course provides students with a fundamental understanding of marketing research techniques employed by major corporations, as well as small and medium enterprises, in Hong Kong, mainland China, and abroad. The course will focus on both the theoretical and practical underpinnings of these techniques, using current examples and cases to illustrate important concepts and topics. The course culminates with a group project where students get an opportunity to use marketing research methods in solving business and marketing issues faced by their chosen organization.

Global Marketing [BMKT3035] (3 units)
MKTG2005 Marketing Management
Global marketing addresses global issues that challenge today’s international marketer and describes the concepts relevant to all international marketers regardless of the extent of their international involvement. This course aims at students up-to-date with the changes facing businesses now and into the future. As global economic growth occurs, understanding marketing in all cultures is increasingly important. Progress toward the single market in Europe has continued, the former communist countries have continued to embrace free markets, a number of symptoms including major declines in currency values and wide spread bankruptcy of highly leveraged firms that had taken on an enormous burden of dollar debt to finance of dubious expansion projects. These are not simply news reports but changes that affect the practice of business worldwide.

Socially Responsible Marketing [BMKT3055] (3 units)
MKTG2005 Marketing Management
This course introduces students to the fundamental concepts of socially responsible marketing (SRM). By taking a critical reflection on the nature of marketing practice, the course explores the interrelated areas of corporate social responsibility, marketing ethics and societal marketing. Advancing socially responsible marketing is considered in terms of the roles and responsibilities of consumers, firms and the government. The effect of marketing activities on a broad range of societal constituencies is considered, and how these marketing activities can be used in a positive way to generate advancement and well-being for the global society.

Strategic Digital Marketing [BMKT3185] (3 units)
This course is designed to guide future marketing experts in using computer-mediated technologies to develop and implement marketing strategy, with a specific focus on global brands and markets. The course culminates with a capstone project where students will be required to develop a Strategic Digital Marketing plan for a multinational company operating in international markets.

Social Venture Planning [BMKT3195] (3 units)
This course helps students develop a viable social enterprise that solves a particular social problem. By the end of the course, students will have a good understanding of the realities of founding a social enterprise and be prepared for every step of the process—from idea generation, to planning, and to launch. Students will learn how to use the Social Lean Canvas to develop a business plan for a new social venture. In addition, students will be able to identify and compare different funding alternatives and choose the option that’s most appropriate for their social venture.

Entrepreneurial Marketing [BMKT4015] (3 units)
MKTG2005 Marketing Management
This course aims to introduce key marketing concepts relevant to entrepreneurs in the start-up and growing process of their enterprises. Focuses are put on marketing strategies which are suitable for small business with limited marketing resources.

Strategic Marketing [BMKT4025] (3 units)
MKTG2005 Marketing Management
This course focuses on providing students with the knowledge and experience of planning and executing marketing strategies. This course balances theories and practices. Apart from lectures and tutorials, it also utilises other means, such as case studies, guest talks, to enhance students’ critical thinking abilities, problem solving capabilities and effective communication skills. To familiarize students with current marketing situations, marketing issues in Hong Kong and China are examined.

Major Elective Courses (27 units)

Developing Managerial Skills [BHRM4085] (3 units)
BHRM3045 Business Communications or equivalent
The course prepares participants to handle critical issues in managerial communication and helps them master skills needed to achieve their potential as leaders and executives. The goal is to equip them with the personal, interpersonal and group skills needed to manage their own lives as well as relationships with others. The course teaches strategic approaches to managerial communications that can be applied to a variety of situations.

Consumer Behaviour [BMKT3015] (3 units)
MKTG2005 Marketing Management
The purpose of this course is to study the overall consumer decision making process. Consumer decision determines the sales and profits of a firm; through the understanding of consumer behaviour, students are better equipped for more sophisticated marketing decision making. Major areas covered are: the consumer as an individual, consumers in their social and cultural settings, and the consumer's decision-making process. The implications for the effects of consumer behaviour on marketing will be emphasised.

BCom Global Marketing Field Study [BMKT3105] (3 units)
BMKT3035 Global Marketing
The course provides unique opportunities for BCom in Marketing students to gain international experience through marketing field study, with pre-trip and post-trip class/seminar/presentation sessions. Students will experience the culture of the destination country/city, by visiting and participating in the norms, rituals and communications in the destination country/city, with highlights on cultural and business visits.

Integrated Marketing Communications [BMKT3115] (3 units)
MKTG2005 Marketing Management
This course aims to equip students with the necessary knowledge, skills and independence of thought so that they can appreciate the role of marketing communication within its broader context, and critically evaluate marketing communication theories and models before applying them in a responsible manner to practical marketing situations. Particular attention is drawn to the increasingly important role of social media in marketing communications.

International Business: Market, Operations and Strategies [BMKT3125] (3 units)
The primary objectives of this course are: (1) to provide students with a basic understanding of the theories and concepts of international business; (2) to discuss the economic, cultural and political factors in shaping the international business environment; (3) to introduce different functional areas of international corporations management with reference to problems and issues of doing business with developing countries.

Marketing Internship [BMKT3135] (3 units)
MKTG2005 Marketing Management
This course aims to provide students an opportunity to gain reallife working experience related to the various issues and activities associated with an organization’s marketing function. Under the guidance of both faculty and workplace supervisors, students will work in an organization as interns and complete work assignments that are primarily related to the organization’s marketing activities. The internship assignment is expected to take up no less than 120 hours to complete, and it may or may not be paid. Students will be given an “S” grade for satisfactory completion of the course or a “U” grade for unsatisfactory performance.

Services Marketing [BMKT3155] (3 units)
MKTG2005 Marketing Management
This course provides students with the up-to-date philosophies and practices of services marketing. An overview of the services marketing process and its differences from the marketing of customer products will be presented. Topics will also include the issues of quality control and customer satisfaction.

Sports Marketing [BMKT3165] (3 units)
MKTG 2005 Marketing Management
This course examines the world of sports as a business and will focus on the applications of marketing strategies germane to the sports industry. The objective is two-folded: marketing of sports products and marketing non-sports products through sports events. It will begin with an overview of the sporting policy and organizational structure followed by an understanding of sports consumer behaviours, customer voluntary performance, fans motivations and identification and the operation of sports fans club. It will discuss the strategic application of marketing mix in sports products and the sponsorship-based strategies for nonsports products. Students will learn how to develop a sponsorship proposal and make sales presentation to sponsors. This course will end with a discussion of corporate and ethical issues facing the sports industry.

International Marketing Internship [BMKT3175] (3 units)
This course will provide students with an opportunity for a summer internship in countries like Taiwan, Australia, Canada, and the UK. With a small class size of about 12 students, the course is intended to enhance students’ job-related skills and global competencies in the marketing field by applying academic knowledge to an intercultural work environment. Under the guidance of both faculty and workplace supervisors, students will develop cultural and global awareness and engage in intercultural communication and emerging marketing activities.

Fundamentals of Social Entrepreneurship and Social Impact [BMKT3205] (3 units)
This course aims to encourage and guide students to formulate innovative solutions to social problems and help them development business ideas with a positive social impact. In this course, students will gain a well-round understanding of Social Entrepreneurship in different contexts, learn how to diagnose the root causes of social problems, and develop effective strategies to address these issues from different perspectives. This course adopts an experiential approach in teaching social entrepreneurship and social impact through case studies, guest talks, and company visits.

Marketing Field Study for Social Entrepreneurship [BMKT3215] (3 units)
BMKT3195 Social Venture Planning
Social entrepreneurship is a growing movement around the world which has the power to change the way we do business and resolve societal challenges. Responding to the needs of undergraduate marketing students to develop a social entrepreneurial mindset with global sensitivity, this course shapes deeper understanding of social entrepreneurship through pre-field trip seminars, the trip itself, and post-field trip presentations. This three-phase approach will allow students to spot social entrepreneurial opportunities, learn social innovation strategies by interacting with social entrepreneurs in different countries, and provide value-added marketing solutions to social ventures abroad.

Brand Management [BMKT4115] (3 units)
MKTG2005 Marketing Management
This course focuses on providing students with the knowledge and experience of brand building and management. On successful completion of this course, students should understand the nature and importance of branding building in marketing practice. In addition, they should also possess the strategic thinking and techniques in developing and managing brands that enhance an organization’s marketing competence.

Business to Business Marketing [BMKT4125] (3 units)
MKTG2005 Marketing Management
The business-to-business arena entails a complex market of commercial enterprises, public organizations and government institutions. This course aims to teach the student to market products or services to other companies, government bodies, institutions, and other organizations. It also provides the student an overall understanding of the different components in the B2B market. Last but not least, it enables the student to learn the theories and practical skills in designing and managing the B2B marketing strategy effectively.

Event Marketing [BMKT4155] (3 units)
MKTG2005 Marketing Management
The aim of this course is to provide an understanding of the dynamic nature of event marketing. It illustrates how the different institutions can make use of the marketing functions to accomplish the various event objectives.

Retailing [BMKT4185] (3 units)
MKTG2005 Marketing Management
This course aims at providing students with the understanding of the critical role that retailing plays in the business world and how retailing can be coordinated with other marketing mix elements to further enhance the marketing functions. Both the current retailing practices and the general retailing theories are described in order to provide students with the necessary insight to operate a retail establishment successfully.

Sales Management [BMKT4195] (3 units)
MKTG2005 Marketing Management
Effective management of a company’s sales force is essential to the successful implementation of its overall marketing plan. This course provides students with overall understanding of the roles of sales management in a corporation and the theories as well as the empirical practices in managing a sales force effectively.

Marketing Practicum for Social Entrepreneurship [BMKT4215] (3 units)
BMKT3205 Fundamentals of Social Entrepreneurship and Social Impact
This course helps students develop practical skills to articulate, design and implement social innovation strategies. By adopting an entrepreneurial perspective, students will serve in a consulting capacity to solve marketing problems and evaluate opportunities for improvement in social enterprises (SEs) and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Hong Kong.

Community Development for Social Entrepreneurship [BMKT4225] (3 units)
BMKT3195 Social Venture Planning
Tbis course is designed to enrich students' understanding on social entrepreneurship and social innovation, and empower them to develop training plans for nurturing social minds in their communities.

Marketing Analytics [BMKT4235] (3 units)
This course aims to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge in the ethical use of marketing analytics. As marketers are increasingly expected to use analytics to inform and justify marketing decisions, the course endeavours to better prepare students for a future career in Marketing. Marketing analytics enables marketers to measure, manage, and analyze marketing performance to maximize the effectiveness of marketing strategies. Students are expected to apply marketing analytics tools and techniques to real-world problems through the use of case studies while considering the ethical implications of their recommendations. This course also provides students with the necessary background to make data-driven marketing decisions as they pursue a marketing role in a modern organization.

Media Business Environment [ICMT3125] (3 units)
This course addresses basic issues of the contemporary media business environment from the economic, political, and organizational perspectives. Cases and strategies related to the performance of the media industry in global and local environments will be discussed.

General Education Capstone Course (3 units)

Marketing Practicum for Social Entrepreneurship* [BMK TBC] (3 units)
This is a service-learning course that integrates student academic knowledge and skills and applies them in a social entrepreneurial setting. This course helps students develop practical skills to articulate, design and implement social innovation strategies. By adopting an interdisciplinary perspective, students will analyse how different environmental forces affect a social enterprise (SE) and non-governmental organization (NGO). They will serve in a consulting capacity to provide innovative solutions to marketing problems and evaluate opportunities for improvement in SEs/NGOs in Hong Kong.