Dr. Martin C.K. Tsui

Academic Co-ordinator and Lecturer, Entrepreneurship and Management / Generic Content - GE Level 1 Foundational Courses (History and Civilization, Values and the Meaning of Life, & Quantitative Reasoning) / Generic Content - GE Level 2 Interdisciplinary Thematic Courses (Sustainable Communities) / Generic Content - One-unit & Free Electives (Analysing Global Economics Issues in the 21st Century, Economics and Finance, & Management), Division of Business

cktsui@hkbu.edu.hk3411 4346

Teaching Areas

Course(s) taught:
  • BUAD3008 Principles of Microeconomics
  • CCPP1500 Planning Your Academic and Career Pathways
  • ENMG3503 Management Information Systems for Marketing and E-Commerce
  • FCHC1300 The Rise of the Modern Global Economy
  • FCQR1300 Quantitative Analysis for the Business World
  • FCVM1300 Ethical Decision Making in the Workplace
  • FREL1300/GEBS3003 Developing Leadership and Management Skills
  • FREL1301 Exploring Business Enterprise

Research Interests

  • Income return rate of education and training in the labour market
  • Human capital and motivation theory
  • Economic analysis of law and regulations