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Mr. Pang Ka-wai 彭家威先生

Lecturer, Division of Social Sciences 3079

Teaching Areas

Course(s) taught:
  • CCHL1502 Conditioning in Health and Fitness
  • CCHL1503 Developing Active Lifestyle - Badminton
  • ELSS2506 Instructional Practices in Rhythmic Activities (Rouliqiu)
  • SRLP3009 Internship I
  • SRLP3015 Individual Differences in Physical Attributes and Movement Patterns
  • SRLP4005 Internship II
  • SRLP4008 Honours Project I
  • SRLP4009 Honours Project II
  • SRLP4015 Design and Management of Sport and Recreation Facilities
  • SRLP4155 Planning and Leading Water Activities

Research Interests

  • Adapted Physical Activities and Exercises
  • Service Needs and Gaps for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities