Dr. Sam S.S. Lau 劉信信博士

Principal Lecturer, Division of Applied Science


Academic Qualifications

  • PhD, Department of Geography, University of Cambridge, U.K.
  • MPhil, Department of Biology, Chinese University of Hong Kong, H.K.
  • BSc (Hons) in Applied Biology (Environmental Science), Department of Biology, Hong Kong Baptist University, H.K.

Teaching at CIE

Course(s) taught at CIE:
1. ENCS1107 Microbiology and Laboratory
2. FSEH1206/2103 General Chemistry
3. GESC1201 You and Your Health
4. ENCS1103 Conservation and Ecotourism
5. ENCS1104 Diversity of Life and Laboratory
6. ENCS1105 Ecology and Habitats
7. GESC1102 Global Environmental Issues
8. ELSS1108 Internship for Environment, Conservation and Ecotourism

Research / Research Interests

Bioresources and Agriculture, Environmental Sustainability, Pollution, Ecology, Wetland Restoration and Management, Teaching and Learning, Active Living and Health