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Dr. Sheren S.K. Cheng 鄭瑞琴博士

Senior Lecturer; Academic Co-ordinator, Generic Content - Free Electives (Chinese) / Chinese - Enrichment, Division of Arts and Languages 3184

Teaching Areas

Course(s) taught:
  • CPPS2200 Contemporary Literary Theories and Chinese Literature
  • CPPS2201 Creative Chinese Writing Workshop
  • CPPS2204 Text and Image: A Critical Analysis
  • FREL1200 Appreciation of Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature
  • FREL1201 Urban Society and Modern Chinese Narratives
  • CCLC1206 Written and Spoken Modern Chinese

Research Interests

  • Chinese Language
  • Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature
  • Literary Theories and Literary Criticism
  • Education in Chinese Language and Literature