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Mr. Wu Shing 吳誠先生

Academic Co-ordinator and Lecturer, Sport and Recreation Studies, Division of Social Sciences 3101

Teaching Areas

Course(s) taught:
  • SPRS2500 Health and Fitness
  • SPRS2504 Tests and Measurement in Sport and Recreation
  • ELSS2507 Instructional Practices in Team Sports – Basketball
  • CCHL1500 Active Team Ball Games – Basketball
  • CCHL1502 Conditioning in Health and Fitness
  • SRLP4045 Health Fitness Assessment & Exercise Prescription
  • SRLP4008 Honours Project I
  • SRLP4009 Honours Project II
  • SRLP3009 Internship I
  • SRLP4005 Internship II

Research Interests

  • Exercise Physiology
  • Tests & Measurement in Sports
  • Exercise Prescription
  • Health, Fitness and Physical Activities
  • Physical Education