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English Language Support (ELS) Gears New Students Up for Academic English

11 Oct, 2023

To help new students adapt to their English education at CIE, the English Language Support (ELS) organised two major events, College English Taster and the ELS Reading Workshop in the start of new semester, to facilitate their transition into college life.

Almost 700 freshmen attended the College English Taster, at which they took part in activities to make new friends, were acquainted with the English curriculum at CIE, and learnt about college etiquette.

During the event, three current CIE students, Lavin Lau (Cultural Studies, Year 2), Arooj Fatima Raza (Professional Communication and English Studies, Year 2), and Gigi Fung (Cultural Studies and Creative Industries, Year 4) shared with attendees their journey of learning English at CIE.

Arooj, who has always wanted to become an English teacher, thanked CIE for providing her with many opportunities to explore English through writing and self-expression, while Lavin and Gigi found their English education at CIE to be integral to preparing them for their future careers and adventures. In their candid sharing, they inspired and encouraged the new students to take advantage of the ample resources that CIE has in store to build a future that they love.

As the semester slowly got into full swing, the ELS organised another event that was especially suitable for newcomers: the ELS Reading Workshop. The workshop offered tips to help students read better for English Academic Writing courses. It covered seven tips to help students approach academic texts, namely predicting content, reading the high-value parts of the text, and more. The participants took part in activities that allowed them to apply freshly-learned reading strategies.

English Language Support (ELS) provides comprehensive assistance to students on the learning and use of English primarily in the college setting to help them become more confident and competent English users. Students can request one-on-one or small-group consultations from any English lecturers, seeking help with anything ranging from writing, speaking to corrective feedback or any other input on various areas of English learning.

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