Associate Degree Programme


To provide post-secondary students with a full-time education opportunity to acquire broad-based general education in preparation for employment or further studies locally or overseas.

To enhance the quality of life of the students through the pursuit of learning and the development of their potentials.

Our Programmes

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Applied Science
Arts and Languages
Social Sciences

Study Path

Programme Structure

The four-year HKBU undergraduate programme normally requires students to complete a total of 128 units, including 66 units of Major Courses, 38 units of General Education Courses, and 24 units of Free Elective Courses. Please click here to know more.

Hong Kong Baptist University
Government-funded Degree Programmes Curriculum

Undergradurate Programmes (4-year)
Major Minimum 60 units
ElectivesMaximum 30 units
General Education 38 units
Fully-exempted: CIE AD graduates only
Graduation Requirement Minimum 128 units
Award HKBU Bachelor’s Degree

4-year Curriculum:Minimum 128 units

Hong Kong Baptist University
Self-funded Degree Programmes Curriculum

Associate Degree Programmes (2-year)Self-Funded Undergraduate Programmes (2-year)
Discipline Specific
Minimum 24 units
Minimum 66 units
General Education
38 units
General Education
Fully-exempted: CIE AD graduates only
Graduation Requirement
Minimum 62 units
Graduation Requirement
Minimum 66 units
HKBU Associate Degree
HKBU Bachelor’s Degree

2-year + 2-year Curriculum: Minimum 128 units

Course Exemption/Transfer of Units

Students with non-HKDSE qualifications admitted to Associate Degree Programme may apply for transfer of units at the point of admission. Students may be granted up to 15 units of transfer of units (with a cap at 12 units for General Education courses). If the application is approved, students will be exempted from taking the courses in the curriculum and no course replacement is required. Please click here for details of transfer of units.

Application form is available here. The application deadline is 22 August 2017.

Learning Outcomes

1. Communicate effectively in English and/or Chinese both as speakers and writers;
2. Apply appropriate information literacy and IT, numeracy and problem-solving skills to manage challenges;
3. Work in a team and pursue an active and healthy lifestyle;
4. Analyze contemporary issue using broad-based knowledge of specific disciplines;
5. Analyze and evaluate problems independently, critically and creatively;
6. Apply basic knowledge of specific disciplines to make informed choices and decisions; and
7. Recognize the ethical and moral responsibility as global citizens

Semester Schedule

1st Semester, 2017/18

30/8/2017 Release of Timetable
4/9/2017 1st Semester Begins
4-9/9/2017 1st Semester Add/Drop Courses
20/10/2017 Deadline for Application for Change of Concentration Studies (for Year 1 only)
30/10-4/11/2017 Course Registration (for the 2nd Semester, 2017/18)
14/12/2017 Deadline for Tuition Payment (for the 2nd Semester, 2017/18)
11-30/12/2017 1st Semester Examination
8/1/2018 1st Semester Ends
9/1/2018 Release of Examination Results (1st Semester)
15-19/1/2018 Make-up & Supplementary Examinations (1st Semester)

2nd Semester, 2017/18

17/1/2018 Release of Timetable
22/1/2018 2nd Semester Begins
22-27/1/2018 2nd Semester Add/Drop Courses
9/3/2018 Deadline for Application for Change of Concentration Studies (for Year 1 only)
9-13/4/2018 Course Registration (for the 1st Semester, 2018/19)
7-25/5/2018 2nd Semester Examination
4/6/2018 2nd Semester Ends
6/6/2018 Release of Examination Results (2nd Semester)
12-19/6/2018 Make-up & Supplementary Examination (2nd Semester)