Self-funded Undergraduate Programmes


Ever since 2005, the College has been collaborating with different Faculties/Schools of the University in providing degree articulation opportunities for our Associate Degree graduates. Today, the College is successfully running 11 undergraduate programmes in close partnership with Faculties/Schools of the University. The CIE curriculum framework has adopted the four-year HKBU Government-funded Undergraduate Programme as a blueprint. The curriculum of UG Programmes is equivalent to the final two years of the Bachelor’s Degree Programmes in HKBU, which focuses on discipline specific courses.

Programme Structure

The four-year HKBU undergraduate programme normally requires students to complete a total of 128 units, including 66 units of Major Courses, 38 units of General Education Courses, and 24 units of Free Elective Courses.

CIE Associate Degree graduates are normally entitled to get full exemption from the General Education and Free Elective units, and will be admitted directly into the third year of study, obtaining an Honours Degree awarded by HKBU in two years.