Experiential Learning

Learning is extended beyond the classrooms to different industries and the community. Local, mainland and global Internship opportunities are offered to develop students’ work competence, explore their career options and clarify their career goals. Students searching for inner happiness and life meaning are guided to apply inter-disciplinary knowledge onto programme design and service delivery in the Service Learning Programme.

Internship Programme

An CDMD student, Miss Nazmeen Akhtar was offered an internship opportunity at Marine Department, HKSAR Government
CIE students attended the Opening Ceremony of Hospital Authority Kowloon West Summer Internship Programme
A Psychology student, Lai Kwan Yee went through a competitive selection interview for the internship opportunity at the Legislative Council Secretariat

Service Learning Programme

Students connected with each other in the service learning training camp
Students worked as a team to solve the problem of a challenging task
Participants of Service Learning Programme had "Yum Cha" with the elderly in a Chinese restaurant