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“Service Learning”, as the name implies, is a way to “learn” through “services”. CIE actively promotes “Service Learning” in different modules, for example, “Business Ethics and Social Responsibilities”, as well as partnering with different organisations. Through the CIE Service Learning Programme, students are encouraged to both dedicate themselves in academic learning, as well as nurture a mind in serving others and caring the community. Our students have been participated in services like tutoring junior students, as well as visiting elderly, the visually-impaired and single parent families. Through thoughtfully and caringly participating and preparing social services, students would strengthen their responsibilities as a social citizen and achieve their own personal growth.

“Service Learning” partnering organisations
The Evangelical Lutheran Church of HK
Senior Citizen Home Safety Association
Non-Profit making Veterinary Services Society
Fullness Social Enterprises Society
Lok Sin Tong Lee Yin Yee United Centre - Support Service Centre for Ethnic Minorities
United Christian Nethersole Community Health Service
Hong Kong Unison Limited
Bread Bunch
Autism Partnership Foundation
Hong Kong Society for the Deaf
Caritas Wellness Link – North District
Christian Action
WWF Hong Kong
Hong Kong Family Welfare Society