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Guidance and Counselling Services

The transition from adolescence to early adulthood poses our students with such developmental challenges as searching own identity, inter-personal difficulties and balancing own inner conflicts. The counselling services of Student Development Centre offers counselling help to students who face various challenges in their personal growth, such as academic problems, college adjustment, emotion management, dating, interpersonal relationship etc. Our professionally trained counsellors provide them with a quality space to listen to their inner concerns, clarify what they really want and need, and explore effective strategies to achieve their personal goals.

All counselling services are confidential. Information about students will not be shared with anyone without students’ written consent except in emergency when there is a clear indication of imminent risk of harm to self or others.

 Making Appointment

Appointment can be made/ requested in various ways, you may:

 Community-based Hotline Services

If you prefer to meet with the counsellor in Kowloon Tong Campus, please visit the website of the Counselling and Development Centre of HKBU and make appointment.

If you urgently need to talk to a counsellor, please call (852) 3411 3303 / (852) 3411 3038 during office hours. Students who need immediate emotional support outside office hours may access community-based hotline services.